Spare Parts for Potensic RC Drone

Spare Parts for Potensic RC Drone Quadcopter.

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4PCS Motors CW/CCW for Potensic T25 Drone

This Set comes with two clockwise w/ red and blue wires, and two counter-clockwise w/ black and blue..

$39.99 $25.96 Ex Tax: $25.96

Fit for Potensic D50 Drone Removable Battery (3) w/ USB Charger (3)

These batteries are removable, and can be charged by the usb charger included directly.Specs:• Type:..

$98.54 $58.99 Ex Tax: $58.99

1 Pair of Black Propellers Guard for Potensic D80

This is Pair of 4pcs Props Guards for Potensic D80. It is designed for protecting the dron..

$19.99 $15.95 Ex Tax: $15.95

2PCS High Capacity Battery for Potensic D88

The Set of High Capacity Battery features an extended maximum flight time of 40 minutes. It pro..

$139.90 $129.99 Ex Tax: $129.99

3 Pair of Landing Skids for T35 GPS Drone

3 Pair Landing Skids for the Potensic T35 drone.Features:• Type: Landing Gear• Quantity: 6 pieces (3..

$23.85 $17.99 Ex Tax: $17.99

3 x Battery for Potensic D60

Pack of three lipo batteries for Potensic D60.Specifications:• Battery Type: Lipo• Quantity: 3pcs• C..

$149.85 $125.75 Ex Tax: $125.75

6 Pairs of Propellers for (24-Count) for Potensic D58

Lightweight, optimized design OEM Blades offer great performance for the D58 GPS Drone.Features..

$79.94 $39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

8pcs Motor Main Gears for Drone D58

The Replacement gears Set for the D58 RC Drone.Features:• Type: Gear• Quantity: 8pcs• Colour: W..

$39.96 $19.99 Ex Tax: $19.99

Back Motors Arm Set for Potensic D88, 2PCS Left and Right

These Motors Arms are designed for Potensic D88 Foldable drone. Includes two Back/Rear Motors, one L..

$89.99 $69.99 Ex Tax: $69.99

Battery (3) + USB Charger (3) for the Potensic T25

The Battery for the Potensic T25 features a maximum flying time of 10 minutes per battery.Featu..

$107.94 $49.99 Ex Tax: $49.99

Battery Pack (3) for Potensic U47

Pack of 3pcs of Lipo Battery for Potensic U47 FPV Camera Drone!Features:• Type: Lipo• Capa..

$78.00 $47.97 Ex Tax: $47.97

Battery w/ USB Pack for Drone Potensic U29S Wings Foldable

This pack of batteries & charger including 2pcs of batteries and 2pcs of usb charger.What's Incl..

$50.00 $38.99 Ex Tax: $38.99

Black Battery (3) + USB (3) for the Potensic Drone T25

Pack of Batteries for the Potensic T25 drone in Black ColorFeatures:• Type: Lipo Battery• Voltage: 3..

$107.94 $56.95 Ex Tax: $56.95

Brushless Motors (2) for Potensic D80 Drone, Clockwise and Anticlockwise

Brushless Motors 2 Peices for the Potensic D80 GPS Drone.Features:• Type: Motors• Quantity: 2 peices..

$78.00 $58.98 Ex Tax: $58.98

Brushless Motors (4) for Potensic D88 Folding Drone

The Set of Brushless Motors for D88 Drone including Two Clockwise Rotation(One Front + One Rear) and..

$159.96 $109.96 Ex Tax: $109.96

Bundle of 2 LED Lithium Battery w/ 2 USB Parts for Potensic T35 GPS FPV RC Drone

The Battery was designed with 4 LED lights indicating the battery's charge level for your Poten..

$95.88 $79.99 Ex Tax: $79.99