OEM Spare Parts for Ruko F11 GIM2

Check below a wide variety of OEM accessories we offer for your Ruko F11 GIM2, From propellers and battery to landing gears, motors and transmitters, we have the parts and accessories you require.

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4 Pairs of OEM Propellers for Ruko F11 GIM2

The OEM Propellers Set are ideally suited to Drone F11 GIM2Features:Type: PropsC..

$79.96 $39.99 Ex Tax: $39.99

OEM Front Landing Skid (8) Rear Landing Skid(8) and LED Cover(8) Replacement for F11 GIM2

The OEM landing skids and LED covers Set for Drone F11 GIM2Features:Type: Landing Skids and LED..

$79.99 $39.96 Ex Tax: $39.96