Drone Batteries (Tips and Guides)

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Drone Batteries (Tips and Guides)


What is more fun like flying a drone for as long as you like? To get this ultimate fun-filled experience then you need to ensure your drone has the best batteries you can get in the market.

At kingsdrone you can be sure to get only the best of the best drone batteries, as well as drone propellers, motors and so much more.

But before purchasing a drone battery, be sure to check the specifications on your drone motors, and other drone parts so that you do not buy the wrong battery recommended for the drone.

Here are some tips and guide you can follow when you want to buy drone batteries.


  1. Check the Size of the Battery

When buying a drone battery, the size matters a lot. It is not advisable to purchase a drone battery and force it to fit or bypass it into the drone. Also, when checking the size of the battery you want to buy, ensure it is not too heavy. All drone parts are meant to be lightweight.


  1. The Number of Cells in the Battery

Next up, you need to check for the cell count of the battery. The cell count can be indirectly called the battery voltage, and when choosing a drone battery, the battery voltage cannot be overlooked. The voltage in the drone battery is directly proportional to the amount of power that the motors of the drone generate. And when an adequate amount of power is sent to the motor, then the drone would work just fine.


  1. The Battery Capacity

The capacity of the drone battery is also another critical factor to consider when choosing the right drone battery to buy. The capacity of a drone battery is like the amount of gasoline you have in a car. The capacity of drone batteries determines the total flight time of a drone. Although many people often go for the highest capacity of drone batteries they can get. The weight of the battery should also be put into consideration because very high capacity batteries are often very heavy.


  1. The Discharging Rate

The discharging C rating of a drone battery is what determines the performance of the drone. When most people are getting a drone battery, they often skip this factor. If the discharging rate of your drone battery is low, the motors would not be able to generate enough power to make the drone fly.


  1. The Brand of the Battery

Lastly, the brand of the battery you want to purchase has a significant effect on your drone. It is advisable to always get a drone battery with the same brand name as the drone itself.