How to choose the right drone replacement parts

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When your drone gives up on you, one problem that you can have is finding the correct replacement parts. At KingsDrone, we help you to find all the assistance that you need to locate drone replacement parts. These parts, though, need to be suitable for the problem that you have in mind. While we always recommend that you contact us if you are uncertain in any way, we do know that sometimes you might just not have the time. If that is the case, then here is a simple but effective guide to helping you choose the right drone parts.


What matters when it comes to finding good drone parts?


So, the main problem that you might have is working out what you need. With so many official and third-party drone replacement parts, knowing what will and will not work can be confusing. The most common pieces of your drone that you will need to find parts for, though, include your propellers, motors, landing gears, main frames, and controllers. Let’s take a look at each of these parts so that you can understand what you need.


Drone replacement propellers


As you might imagine, propellers are very important to most drones in terms of their operation. If you are looking for a new pair of drone rotors, you’ll be happy to know they often come in various sizes. Often, they will be made using a metal, a rubber or a plastic material – it depends on your bass drone.


You will want to find the right rigidity of propellers, too. Most people prefer to use rigid, sturdy propellers if they are flying out in open spaces. They tend to be more durable and can often handle the elements a bit better. However, if you are going to be using your drone among foliage and tighter locations, you want propellers with a bit more flexibility to them. Keep that in mind when making your purchase.


Drone replacement motors


Next up in terms of importance is that of your motor. Drone replacement parts often focus on the motor, as this is the most commonly broken piece of the drone. Given that they do so much, it’s easy to see why the motor is often a part to break. Try and look out for a motor that is going to be secure and safe to use with regards to the battery demands of your drone.


Getting too strong a motor can kill the battery, after all. Also, remember that you want to get a battery that is going to fit your model. Size counts!


Drone replacement landing gears


The landing gear might not seem like a big issue, but a broken landing gear can put your drone out of commission. We recommend that you get a good quality landing gear to ensure that your model can land easily. Some models will not need any landing gear, but if your model of drone does need a replacement landing gear you should get one.


Often, it's the difference between watching your drone land comfortable or watching your drain drift off into a dangerous sitting position.


Drone replacement main frames

The actual frame of your drone, too, needs a bit of extra protection. This is something that can often slip through the net. When looking at drone replacement parts, remember that you need a strong, secure main frame. All of the other parts go onto the main frame, so if it’s a poor condition or quality of frame then that will spread to other parts of the drone.


Make sure that you keep the main frame protected as best you can, too, without being too bulky or heavyweight.


Drone replacement controllers


Lastly, you should look to get a new controller if you find that your drone no longer responds accordingly. An electronic speed controller will help to make sure that your drone responds to what you ask, while a flight controller means you can use it in the skies. You will often get the controllers that you need, but over time – or through physical damage – can stop working as you would have expected.


So, keep that in mind: often, drone replacement controllers are going to be needed after a certain period of time.


Other important drone replacement parts


Other sections that you might need to look at replacements for your drone include the battery, receiver, and GPS program. The battery, in particular, can become a common problem over time. Batteries will naturally weaken as time goes on, but drone batteries can be a nightmare to keep in working condition. If you pick the wrong kind of battery, you can do more harm than good to your drone.


We recommend that you look to find a battery of a similar power to the one that your drone came equipped with. You'll also want to invest in a good battery monitor. If your drone manages to get too low on battery without you noticing, a battery monitor will return it back to you.


 These can often become damaged or weakened over time but tend to be limited to what you can use as a replacement. Most drones have a particular battery, receiver and/or GPS setting, so keep that in mind when buying drone replacement parts.


Picking the right replacement parts for your drone


Of course, you first need to know what the problem is. Buying a new main frame is not needed when the problem stems from controller issues, for example. First off, you should look to diagnose the issue. Then, work out what kind of drone you are actually using. Whether your photography drone is in need of a new gimbal to keep the camera in place, or your drone is dying out in a few minutes, the problem first has to be readily understood.


Naturally, you want to make your drone as nimble as possible. The less weight, the less drain there is on the resources of the drone just to move. Look to try and improve agility as much as you can, trading materials for lighter equivalents. There are many durable yet lightweight options for making sure that your drone can still fly safely, so keep that in mind. Going lightweight does not mean condemning your drone to structural weakness.


You should, though, look to better understand your needs first. It’s all well and good finding replacement parts for your drone. Until you find out what the issue is, though, you need to be careful about what you replace. As ever, feel free to contact our team at KingsDrone if you want more help in working out what, if anything, has to be changed.


Making replacements without knowing the cause of the problem can waste of time. You can even damage already working parts of the drone by doing so. Before you do anything, contact our team for more help and information.